Teeth whitening

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Have your teeth whitened professionally at Dental Practice Heresingel

If you are bothered by the color of your teeth, because you find them too yellow, for example, you can always discuss with us whether teeth whitening is for you.

Extrinsic tooth discoloration can be caused by, for example, smoking or drinking coffee, tea, wine etc. By means of cleaning and polishing, we can properly remedy these discolorations.

If your teeth are already darker by themselves, either naturally or due to age, teeth whitening offers a great solution.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Prior to teeth whitening, we check that your teeth do not contain any filling, crown or bridgework. The reason for this check is that non-proprietary dental material will not whiten during the whitening process. In this case, we may draw up a plan of action together. Once everything has been assessed and clearly discussed with you, we can have a mould or custom made gum shield made for you. The mould or custom made gum shield is made by our dental laboratory. We provide you with whitening gel, which you can use together with the mould or custom made gum shield. We will guide you through the process.

Whitening via an individual whitening mould or gum shield is easy, safe and painless.

NOS conducted a study on the safety and effectiveness of various whitening treatments. The study can be viewed here.