Prevention and oral health

Dental treatments

What can Dental Practice Heresingel do for you in prevention and oral health?

Our motto: Prevention is better than cure!

The dentists, assistants and dental hygienists try to prevent tooth and gum problems through education and a regular checkup of your mouth (preferably we see you twice a year). Prevention is aimed at avoiding problems, we also give you advice on how to keep your mouth healthy.

Good oral health includes daily brushing, cleaning, flossing, toothpicks and rinsing. The prevention assistants can give you good guidance on on how to do this best. They will also remove your tartar, if necessary.

With children, we also spend a lot of time and attention on prevention. If the basis is good, they will benefit greatly from this in the future.

Our prevention assistants have a lot of experience in treating children. Often the prevention assistant does a plaque staining, so you or your child can see exactly where to brush better and the prevention assistants can give you and your child clear instructions.