Pediatric Dentist

Dental treatments

Dental Practice Heresingel is your pediatric dentist in Groningen

At Dental Practice Heresingel, we find it very important that your child enjoys going to the dentist. Therefore we pay much attention to creating a good and familiar basis.

We recommend taking your child to the dentist for periodic oral examinations starting at age two.

Our motto is: prevention is better than cure. In our practice, we therefore pay a lot of attention to preventive measures. If we notice that your child needs a little more attention to learn to brush better, we always schedule an appointment with our prevention assistant. The prevention assistant tries to explain to your child in a playful way why brushing is so important and takes the parents along. We also take into account your child’s cavity risk for the healthy development of his/her teeth. With an increased risk of cavities, more check-up appointments are necessary. This need not be a financial obstacle for anyone: the basic insurance reimburses dental costs (except crowns, bridges and braces treatment) for all children and adolescents up to 18 years.


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