Dental treatments


As you may know, preventive oral care of your teeth is very important. In addition to your daily oral care, it is wise to visit the dentist periodically. During your checkup, we will go over daily oral care with you to help keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

If necessary, we take action to improve your oral health. If the dentist, dental hygienist or assistant detects problems with your teeth, the dentist will discuss with you whether additional treatment is necessary. If you wish, you will receive an estimate for treatments over € 150.00.

More information about treatments can be found at (in Dutch), the KNMT (Royal Dutch Dental Association) and at Dutch Healthcare Authority.

Minor dental procedures, such as a teeth cleaning or placement of a filling, we will discuss with you immediately and treatment will follow in the short term

For extensive dental treatments, we can put the treatment plan with the associated costs in writing. After your agreement, we will carry out the dental treatment. In general, this can be scheduled fairly quickly. Should special (pre) treatments be necessary, you do not have to look for a specialist yourself. We will refer you to colleagues for, among other things, oral surgery or orthodontic treatment.